Destroying the cancer of our youth, game by game. – bak99

Keeping Safe

Usually I do not like to go out alone. not due to a need for companionship but instead for safety. when I do need to leave the safety of my home I do so with my Husband, Brother or other male from family or friends. The need for this is sadly due to the large number of undesirables (blacks,homosexuals,addicts,etc.) which roam the streets.

Recently I found myself needing milk for the cakes I was making for the local church bake sale (supporting our brave troops!). Without my husband home I was unable to leave the house. I proceeded to watch the news on television and I seen a story about fighting terrorism in the desert countries. I’ve never been a supporter of the Islamites but I got thinking about the Burqas the woman wore. They were safe to go outside providing they had that on. Using my needle skills I hobbled together a prototype “white” burqa complete with “letterbox” view and all!

I’ve been wearing this out for the last several days (4-5 hours in total) and nothing has happened! Obviously this works extremely well. I recommend all women wear burqas less the wish to be robbed, raped or worse!

Ruth (Bak99)


can games be Christian?

I apologies for the long delay in getting another post up – as we all know like can be quite hectic.

Firstly, I’d like to address some of the comments being left and emails being sent by some less than reputable people. If you read these, my friends, you will see what a typical gamer is – horrible, crude with no respect for themselves or others. My prayers are with their parents because only with Gods help will these people have a change at redeeming what can only be described as a corrupted, cancerous child.

On to the topic at hand – can games be Christian? Now, although I think all games should be banned and their creators imprisoned I don’t think all games are corrupting.

One game which I would, at a stretch, consider letting my precious daughter play would be the “Cooking Mama” game. It, in essence, is a game about cooking – an essential skill a girl would need! As a traditional, conservative Christian I firmly believe a woman’s place is in the house, behind the stove. That said, I wouldn’t buy this for my daughter – I have a perfect good kitchen for her to learn in. If I had my way she would be in the kitchen and not at school and that way she could actual be doing something useful for her future.

That said, as an overall rule I think a Christian can play games but the selection of wholesome, family friendly games are near to none and I’d advise that anyone who wishes to purchase a game for there child simply not. The risk is too high. As much as you may hear about a functioning Marijuana addicts you know that they are far and few between – you wouldn’t give your child a “doobie” and hope that they don’t become an addict!

So there – I’m not the horrible women which these people in the comments and abusive emails claim I am – I’m a proud Christian woman!

thanks – Ruth (bak99)

Sonic the Hedgehog and Autism

So I was thinking about this the other day as I picked my younger daughter up from the schoolyard. I saw some of the handicapped children coming out the “special” entrance and there was fight over who owned the “Sonic the Hedgehog” bag. This got me thinking about all the very obvious link between the gaming franchise  and the mental disability.

It seems to me that this “Sonic” character is very, very popular with Autistic children so I did a bit of research. I found these quite interesting articles:

These both describe a gene which causes autism. Now this gene is called “Sonic Hedgehog” – coincidence? I think not!

It is quite clear that video games our polluting our children’s genes and giving them all sorts of mental and physical disabilities! Why would the game makers what to do this? This is pure evil no two ways about it. Games are the devils work and must be banned less our children suffer our negligence!

The proof is in the pudding folk.

thanks –

Ruth AKA Bak99

The lesser mothers’ opinions

So as a mother I often chat with other mothers about different issues around raising a child such as school, responsibility and behavior but, what always shocks me is ignorance of how these big game companies corrupt and pollute our children’s minds.

Some seem to think that it was my responsibility to ensure my son did not get that game but I knew little of what would happen when he did. I now fully take responsibility for what happened and I’m also taking responsibility for ensuring this doesn’t happen again – this is why I campaign against video games and the destruction it causes. I want to stop these issues at the source – by getting them out-right banned.

I cannot stand these “mothers” who think that it’s fine to have such filth available and will just say “well, I don’t by it for MY son”. But what if another mother does for their child? What happens if these two children were to meet? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out which one will still be alive at the end.

If all mothers were as upstanding as me? well, we wouldn’t need this blog then!


Ruth (Bak99)

The more you know

Just thought I’d share some information my local pastor told me. We were having a nice discussion about how things were better when we were younger and he shared he’s Godly wisdom with me. This is what I was enlightened to:

  • Video games are addictive, we all know that, but did you know 1 in every 9 gamers are already addicted?
  • Although violence has gone down dramatically over the last 50 years, even with an increase in awareness, reporting of crime and prosecution, video games have led to an epidemic of youth violence all across the world.
  • Video games are socially isolating and desensitizing even though they are now one of the main ways children play and communicate with each other.
  • Video games are an inherently inferior medium to film and literature.

Just some tit-bits.

Thank you all for reading!

– Ruth (bak99)

Killing prostitutes in London? NO THANKS

I recently had the grave misfortune of seeing the trailer for the latest addition to the Grand Theft Auto series, called ‘Grand Theft Auto – London’.

The game is set to be inflicted upon the youth of our nation in september 2013 and as far as I can see, there is very little difference from the previous abominations that Rock-Star try to pass as ‘entertainment’.

You still steal cars, kill innocents, obtain weaponry without awaiting the appropriate back ground check period, steal money, embezzle money from government funding, spit in childrens faces, put cats in bins, defecate in police officers caps, rape the elderly, commit tax fraud and goodness knows what other atrocities this game will allow you to simulate doing.

The only difference I can see, is that you are now allowed to do this in London. So not only will you be a horrible person, running around the streets of London maiming dogs and children alike, you will also be British  I can think of no worse thing than being a bad toothed ‘Brit’ whilst you are breaking into hospitals rubbing your genitals on poor innocent peoples faces as they sleep (Which is something that ALL of the Grand theft auto franchise allows the player to do!).

I will be fighting against this release of “Grand Theft Auto 6 : London City”, just like I did against the previous title “Grand Theft Auto 5 : Liberty Vice City – Japanese Town Wars”.

Keep an eye on this blog, I hope to get a petition going soon!

-Ruth (bak99)

Ban Games, Not Guns

For anyone keeping up-to-date with the news, that dirty Islamite Osama Obama wants to take our guns away! But I got news for him – we ain’t giving up without a fight! We know his plan to disarm us the terrorists can take over!

This is not actually what I want to talk about, what I want to say is that guns are not the problem. Guns save peoples lives and protect us. Without my gun I would never have been able to protect myself from a homeless man who was harassing me! Let’s just say I gave him a “change” he wasn’t expecting! The real enemy is video games!

Video game corrupt our children’s minds and rot their souls. Video games cause all the violence we are seeing in our modern society. I remember in my younger days playing pacman and getting so angry at losing that I punched out the screen. As I’m to afraid to look at newer games I can only imagine how the violence influence has increased along with the game complexity!

As I previously said about my son, video games caused his downfall, not guns. He didn’t need a gun to beat and suffocate a prostitute, only the insanity caused from exposure to this filth.

Amen, and God be with you.

– Ruth (bak99)

Think of the children.

Well to start off this blog I think the best thing for me to do is explain its purpose. I am a mother of two boys of whom I love very much – but one, sadly, is in prison. I am ashamed to say that the crime he committed was that of rape and murder.

We had always taught him to be a good Christian, a patriot and a go getter. We taught him that he could get what ever he wanted, and deserved it all – providing he worked for it. But sadly this is not the choice he chose. He chose a route of evil and debauchery which I believe he learnt from the “Grand Theft Auto” game series.

One night he took his Dodge out for a drive (after smoking a marijuana cigarette we would later find) and tried to pick up a prostitute; A skill he clearly learnt from the game. He then proceeded to take her to the local “Make-out point”.  It is believed that he did not have the money to pay her up front but this did not stop him from getting what he wanted. He punched her repeatedly in the face until she was unconscious and then engaged in sexual intercourse with her still body – yet again mimicking the actions in the “Grand Theft Auto” game.

He put her still body in the trunk of his car in which it is believed she suffocated. He kept the body and used it several times over the next 5 day, yet again, copying the events in the game down to the most minute details.

This is my biggest shame and failing as a parent, letting him play such a corrupting game and I have no excuse except for my own ignorance of what he was playing and that the only logical reason is that God willed it.

I want to share this story with all parents and morally upstanding, Christians that we may bring justice for my son and have the vile, corrupting filth which destroyed his mind banned.

Thank you.

– Ruth Cartwright AKA Bak99