Ban Games, Not Guns

by bak99official

For anyone keeping up-to-date with the news, that dirty Islamite Osama Obama wants to take our guns away! But I got news for him – we ain’t giving up without a fight! We know his plan to disarm us the terrorists can take over!

This is not actually what I want to talk about, what I want to say is that guns are not the problem. Guns save peoples lives and protect us. Without my gun I would never have been able to protect myself from a homeless man who was harassing me! Let’s just say I gave him a “change” he wasn’t expecting! The real enemy is video games!

Video game corrupt our children’s minds and rot their souls. Video games cause all the violence we are seeing in our modern society. I remember in my younger days playing pacman and getting so angry at losing that I punched out the screen. As I’m to afraid to look at newer games I can only imagine how the violence influence has increased along with the game complexity!

As I previously said about my son, video games caused his downfall, not guns. He didn’t need a gun to beat and suffocate a prostitute, only the insanity caused from exposure to this filth.

Amen, and God be with you.

– Ruth (bak99)