The more you know

by bak99official

Just thought I’d share some information my local pastor told me. We were having a nice discussion about how things were better when we were younger and he shared he’s Godly wisdom with me. This is what I was enlightened to:

  • Video games are addictive, we all know that, but did you know 1 in every 9 gamers are already addicted?
  • Although violence has gone down dramatically over the last 50 years, even with an increase in awareness, reporting of crime and prosecution, video games have led to an epidemic of youth violence all across the world.
  • Video games are socially isolating and desensitizing even though they are now one of the main ways children play and communicate with each other.
  • Video games are an inherently inferior medium to film and literature.

Just some tit-bits.

Thank you all for reading!

– Ruth (bak99)